Using the Power Play the Second Tier

New and exciting things are happening with the PowerBall Game. All Power Play winnings will be multiplied by 10 x during the month of April. With tiered prizes, the PowerBall game is one that is exciting, inciting and fun to play, but now the second tier prizes are worth up to $2 million dollars during the month of April. Using the Power Play option, those who are taking a chance on winning the PowerBall find their winnings are going to add up faster.

When five white balls match a player´s numbers, and the PowerPlay number is purchased, all winnings will be multiplied by 10, that is huge! Normally the PowerPlay is various numbers in the drawing, with a player able to win 2 x or up to 10 x the amount, but now during April all PowerPlay options will be 10x. Any player can purchase the PowerPlay option, which is an extra dollar. The PowerBall ticket purchase can be completed without the PowerPlay option, but the amount the player can win is substantially lower.

The PowerBall game is going to be drawn eight times during the month of April, giving players more chance to win bigger money. When the April promotion ends, the balls for the PowerPlay with the number 10 will be replaced with their normal numbers so that PowerPlay options will be then set aback to the original numbers.

Where does the PowerBall game physically take place? The PowerBall game is drawn in Iowa, West Des Moines Iowa to be exact every Saturday and Wednesday. The drawing occurs at 11 pm on these nights, and in played in 29 states. The PowerBall game involves five white balls, one through fifty-five and one red ball, which is the PowerBall number. The PowerPlay numbers are drawn from a second set of forty-two numbers. For a dollar, you too can purchase a PowerBall ticket, and for an added dollar, you can add the PowerPlay option which would increase your potential winnings. Matching all five white balls, the PowerBall guarantees the player to win the biggest jackpots available.

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